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Some Equipment Leased Through LFCI:

LFCI AV Equipment Leasing  Audio-Video Featuring Digidesign Icon

LFCI AV Equipment Leasing  Audio-Video Leasing Pro Tools and Apple Computers

LFCI AV Equipment Leasing  AV Pro Audio Leasing EAW Speakers

LFCI AV Equipment Leasing  AV Pro Video Leasing Lending Sony

LFCI AV Equipment Leasing  AV Pro Audio Leasing Lending Yamaha M7CL Digital Console

LFCI AV Equipment Leasing  AV Pro Audio Leasing Crown PR161 Amplifier

LFCI AV Equipment Leasing  Audio-Video, Crown, EAW, NEVE, Digidesign, Yamaha, JBL

LFCI specializes in equipment 'lease to own financing' for the Audio-Video, Computer, and High Tech Industries. LFCI's 17 year history and our in-depth knowledge of the equipment allows us to approve many more applications than traditional lease companies and banks.  The LFCI staff consists of IT professionals, former touring musicians, engineers, marketing, and finance specialists.  Paper is processed "In-House" so you avoid the middleman who doesn't understand the equipment or industry.


·  LFCI has provided equipment leasing-financing to small and large businesses for the last 17+ years - Over 14 years in the same location!  We understand the equipment and the industry, causing many more applications to be approved. LFCI has set up multiple lease programs with dealers and manufacturers. If you are tired of dealing with anal retentive banker types, you owe it to yourself to call LFCI.

·          Our specialty is Equipment Leasing for Audio-Video (AV), Computer (IT), and other High Tech industries. We can finance any equipment - even the church bus!


 100% tax write off - up to $250,000 - even if you choose our $99 per month program!

 her lenders can’t or won’t do

·          Startup businesses can be approved up to $100,000 (more with financials)

·          NO payments for up to 1 year

·          Terms to six (not three) years - even on high tech based equipment

·          Seasonal payments - don’t make payments during slow months such as Dec/Jan/Feb

·          Trade in & upgrade equipment  - upgrade without a lot of hassle

·          Additional lease lines of credit - after just 3-6 months of on time payments

·          100% financing


NEW - Church Financing, Application Only To $250,000!  
* NO financial statements
* NO personal guarantee


·          LFCI knows and understands what it takes to get you approved.  It is our goal to make sure each applicant gets approved for some amount.  It is normal for LFCI to obtain approvals for double the amount approved by traditional lenders - without tax returns!

·          If the approval is less than what’s asked for - We will get an initial approval and work to extend the amount to as close as the desired amount as possible

·          If your needs are “special”, we will take the time to help you get the money you need

·          Our attitude is “long term”- We want to treat you right and have you come back!

LFCI Is Easy To Work With:

·          Friendly (really) and knowledgeable people

·          On line and phone support

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LFCI AV Equipment Leasing  Audio-Video, Crown, EAW, NEVE, Digidesign, Yamaha, JBL

Audio, Video, Lighting - Lease to Own Equipment Financing

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(800) 626-5324

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